Event Decor

You imagine it, we make it reality.

When you imagine what your event looks like—the shapes, scents and style of the floral centerpieces; the table settings; the atmosphere of the reception—it doesn’t look like something you’ve seen before. It looks like yours. Using no pre-packaged arrangements or manufactured products, the designer ensure that every detail of the décor- the original floral sculptures, the linens, the totally unique environment—come together as a one-of-a-kind piece of art that neither you nor your guests have seen before or will see again.

  • Consultations
  • Budget Planning
  • Venue Selection
  • Décor proposals
  • Storyboards and design concepts
  • Floral design & décor
  • Tabletop Design and Décor
  • Lighting Design & Coordination
  • Coordination of décor and design with all involved vendors
  • Creative Renderings
  • Scenic Design
  • Room Transformations
  • Floor Plan Layout and Implementation
  • Event Coordination & Management
  • Venue Selection
  • Vendor Contract Negotiation
  • Event Coordination & Management
  • Sample presentations